Weekly At-Home Art & Nature Activities for Children

We are sharing free weekly activities to help young people at home continue learning about the great outdoors.

This Week’s Activity:

This week, we invite you to head outdoors and make some music!  This fun activity utilizes different nature objects to create fun instruments for you and your child to experiment with.  See how many different sounds you can make!

Past Activities:

This week, we encourage you to try out some mindfulness meditations with your kids!  Mindfulness can help children strengthen their decision making, improve their emotional  regulation skills, and increase their self-esteem, positive moods, and communication. Mind Yeti is a great, free resource with tons of quick meditation videos available in English and Spanish. 

Mind Yeti in English
Mind Yeti en Español

This week, in lieu of an activity, we are sharing a children’s book list from EmbraceRace to help facilitate these important conversations with kids. It can be hard to broach the subject of racism with young children, but research from Harvard shows that it is crucial.  Children as young as three years old, when exposed to racism and prejudice, tend to embrace and accept it, even though they might not understand the feelings. This list includes great books that will not only help start the conversation, but also help empower youth to make a positive change in our world.

Check out EmbraceRace’s Book Recommendations

This week, we are focusing on our national bird, the bald eagle! Our partners at Audubon for Kids worked with David Sibley, the ornithologist who wrote and illustrated The Sibley Guide to Birds, to create a step by step guide on how to draw a bald eagle, as well as a coloring page. You can also follow along with David’s video tutorial. Get out a piece of paper and a pencil or crayon and try it yourself!

Download the Step by Step Guide
Download the Coloring Page
Descargar la guía paso a paso
Descargar página para colorear

All the rain over this weekend got us thinking…where does the water go when it rains? Find out by making it rain, right in your own home! In this activity from PBS Kids, you and your child will build a simple model of a landscape to see how water droplets flow and how the shape of the land helps collect water.

Download the activity in English
Descarga la actividad en español

This week, we are sharing a super fun activity from our friends at National Audubon Society. In this activity, kids will learn firsthand about flight by creating paper airplanes that mimic birds’ four different wing shapes. Make all four and have an paper airplane contest to see which ones fly best!

View the activity in English
Ver la actividad en español

This week we are exploring the wonder of spring through sound! Nature provides us with many unforgettable sounds, like birdsong, flowing water, and swaying trees. Take time to get outside and explore the “Sounds Around” in your own backyard using this Project Learning Tree activity.

Download the Sounds Around activity in English
Descarga la actividad en español: Los Sonidos que Nos Rodean

This week, we are exploring the wonder of spring through learning “How Plants Grow”, an activity from the Project Learning Tree curriculum.  A plant is a living system. It needs sunlight, water, air, nutrients, and space to function and grow. In this activity, children design an experiment to test these requirements. Explore your backyard, neighborhood block, or local forest preserve to find new signs of plant growth, and then follow along with the worksheet!

Download the How Plants Grow activity in English
Descarga la actividad en español: Cómo crecen las plantas

This week, we take inspiration from Sibylle Szaggars Redford’s work and will make our own rain paintings!  All you need is paper (printer paper, paper plates, and coffee filters all work well), water-soluble markers, and a spray bottle or dropper.  Create a drawing with the washable markers; try overlapping your colors a bit for better end results.  Using your spray bottle or dropper, create “rain” over your drawing (or, if weather cooperates, use real rain outside!). The more rain you expose your work to, the more blended and unique your piece will become.  Allow your piece to dry before moving, and then find the perfect place to display your new art!


Last week, we focused on birding.  This week, we are the birds! This week’s activity, “Birds and Worms”, comes from the Sustainable Forestry Initiative’s award-winning Project Learning Tree curriculum. In this activity, children will discover the value of camouflage as they pretend to be birds in search of colored “worms”. You can easily do this fun activity in a backyard or inside.

Download the Birds and Worms activity in English
Descarga la actividad en español: Aves y gusanos

This week, we’re birding!  It’s migratory season, and there are some incredible birds you can find even just by looking out your window. Take a walk outside as a family and learn the basics of bird-watching together, using Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s incredible BirdSleuth Explorer’s Guidebook, available in English and Spanish.

Download the BirdSleuth Explorer’s Guidebook in English
Descarga la Guia Para Exploradores BirdSleuth en español

This week’s featured activity is “Poet-Tree”.  Take a walk outside as a family and look for trees in your neighborhood that spark inspiration, or simply look for trees through your windows.  Take time to observe and engage your senses, as you follow the provided worksheet and write creatively about your tree! 

Download the “Poet-Tree” activity in English
Descarga la actividad en español: Poesía con árboles