Lean on Me – Veterans’ Art Exhibition

An Exhibition of Tree-Inspired Artwork by Veterans and Active Members of the US Military
In the gallery from October 13 – November 18, 2019

Community makes us stronger. In recent years, scientists have been discovering how trees work to support each other. With the help of underground fungi, trees planted near each other use their roots to communicate, share resources, and can behave like a single organism – a unit. Older trees nurture the younger ones, helping them to grow strong. If one tree is attacked by insects, it can warn the others to protect themselves from the coming threat, and if a tree is sick or lacking some vital nutrient, the other trees can give it what it needs to heal.

Military service members understand this idea of community. They share information, resources, and work together to nurture and protect each other in times of need. This exhibition features artwork created by veterans or active service members that explores this idea of a community of trees.

Presented in Partnership with:
Special Thanks to Guest Curator, Moki Tantoco of the National Veterans Art Museum
Brushwood Center’s veterans programs are made possible thanks to our generous sponsors and individual supporters. A special thanks to the McCormick Foundation, Oberweiler Foundation, Illinois Veterans Cash Grant, ComEd, and Grainger for their veteran-focused support.

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