Creative Workshop

Making an UpCycled Lamp
August 20
7-9 p.m.

Express your creativity in a fun new way by making an UpCycled lamp for your home! In this class, you will learn the techniques needed to create a lamp from a variety of objects. We will consider the design elements of your lamp and think through structure, stability, light diffusion and heat dispersal. Practice your making skills by learning how to drill into different materials such as ceramic vessels, glass and sheet metal. Finally, you will learn how to transform your items into a light by incorporating a simple lighting circuit from a kit.

Designs could be simple or something completely unexpected – it’s up to you. Students will be provided with lamp hardware and a selection of objects from BASE (the Brushwood Art Supply Exchange) to make their lamp design, or if you have an object from home you’d like to try and use, bring it!

The use of supplies and tools from the BASE tool library and basic lamp parts are included. If some of your components need to be modified, we can help with simple changes. However, if your design is more ambitious, you may need to purchase extra supplies on your own and/or continue work after class. Please note that if you bring items from home to make into a lamp they may not be suitable and/or may get broken in the making process. We suggest not trying to work with precious heirlooms until you have increased your experience level.



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